process produit laitier conditionnement

Seeding, Packaging, Incubating and Refrigeration

After stirring the mixture is put in a pot: depending on the quantities produced and the packaging (glass or plastic) the dosage can be done with a pitcher or with the help of a semi-automatic packaging machine.

Variants can also be made: yogurt on a jam bed, flavoured or even stirred.

Yogurts are placed in an incubator, and the clot forms after about three hours at 43°C.

Once firm, the yogurt is placed in a cold room between 4°C and 6°C and can be stored this way with a 28-day use-before-date.

accessoire armoire lavage

Accessories for washing cabinet

skid cip plateforme


cagette en plastique


plonge inox

Dairy industrial sink unit & industrial sink

doseuse pneumatique

Dosing machine

Canon mousse avedemil

Foam cleaning gun

bac inox

Stainless-steel wheeled container of 120L, 200L and 300L

table desserte avedemil

Table d’emballage avec tablette de rangement


Thermo-sealing machine

armoire de lavage

Washing cabinet

station lavage alimentaire

Washing station

etuve a yaourt

Yoghurt incubator