Complete CIP (Cleaning In Place) system

A complete CIP system assembled on a SKID is a more or less automated system for washing tanks, vats and pipework circuits for the food-manufacturing industry.

It is composed of recovery tanks, a washing pump, a delivery line and the solution return line. Selectable cycles make it possible to automatically recover and regenerate the cleaning solution and the rinsing water.

The system reduces the consumption of water, washing solutions and energy and avoids waste-water pollution.

Download the technical sheet
Technical sheet

A CIP SKID is custom-made. The SKID platform can be made up from two to five tanks with manually-operated butterfly valves, or it can be automated.

Tanks typically have capacities ranging from 200 to 2,500L. For an automatic CIP, a touch screen controls the programmed recipes for washing or rinsing.

Several levels of automation are possible in order to manage the speed of the delivery pump or even control the sorting probe on the return line.

Several options are available; please refer to the technical data sheet or contact us for more information.

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