Created in 2000 by Alain GIRARD, the company Avedemil is specialised in the manufacturing and selling of equipments and material for cheesemaking and dairy products. 

Avedemil brings together employees with extensive experience in milk processing, the use of cheese and dairy equipment and a thorough knowledge of this environment.

Through the innovation of its equipment, the company seeks to improve customer productivity as well as the ergonomics and use of the equipment.

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Our team

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Our team

Alain GIRARD, Director

After graduating from ENIL in Surgères, he went to manage a local cheese dairy. As the result of sites merging, he decided to creat his own company. This time, Alain doesn't make cheeses, but equipment that he offers to dairy manufacturers. Always ready and attentive to the cheese makers, he takes up the dairy challenges year after year!

Anne HERAULT, technical-commercial export

With a degree in food engineering specialising in Milk (Agrocampus Ouest), Anne is a great goat's cheese lover. She is developing her skills in this production process: from the industrial method to farm practice! Attached to certified products and active with organisations, Anne exchanges with local producers and contributes to their projects.

Claude GIRARD, Warehouse manager

Claude's job has evolved in line with the company's activity: from the recovery of second-hand equipment and its refurbishment, to today's order preparation. All deliveries go through him, whether it is the reception or the dispatch of equipment!

Corinne GIRARD, Accountant

An accountant since the beginning of the adventure, Corinne balances the financial and social flows and validates the different step of your order. A glance in her software and everything is taken care of. Passionate by number, she manages the financial activity of the firm and makes sure everything is in order!

Eric MICHEL, Technical commercial export

A graduate of the ENIL in la Roche, Eric's first dairy experience was in the design and installation of equipment, both in France and abroad. He is fluent in English and Spanish! For Eric, it is always a pleasure to talk cheese to international producers and to answer their atypical projects.

Jean-Marie DUTOIS, Warehouse manager

An acolyte of Claude's, Jean-Marie carries out the same order preparation tasks as him but adds his personal touch due to his background as a carpenter: he makes the wooden crate-packaging to ensure that the equipment arrives in good condition at the producers.

Julien LOIZEAU, Vice-Director

After school in Surgères, Julien specialises in a soft cheese making. The equipment, process steps and equipment maintenance are the aspects he knows at his fingertips! He draws on this experience to provide solutions for cheese manufacturers. On the other hand, he supports Alain in the organisation of the company.

Oriane PIERRE-JUSTIN, Business Developement manager

Her taste for different cultures and the international scene led, Oriane to settle in several countries before arriving in Ireland. In charge of the company's development on the Irish and British markets, she is also in charge of the company's communication and marketing. Avedemil's new logo and website were born thanks to her creativity!

Pascal BOISSON, Maintenance manager

With an electrotechnical baccalaureate, Pascal takes care of the equipment. Each one of them scrolls between his tools with the aim of checking that they are working properly and ensuring quality control before being sent to the cheese makers. Knowing everything's about Avedemil's equipment, he provides answers and advices on how to start it up or troubleshoot any problems. A trained eye and the machine is set up!

Sandrine DERET, Sales assistant

Sandrine is the first person to welcome and guide producers to our commercial, accounting or maintenance services. One phone call and she provides information on quotes, orders and transport... Attentive to requests, she ensures that orders are delivered within the deadlines set to launch cheese production as quickly as possible!


histoire anglais

Created in 2000, by Alain GIRARD, the current head of the company, Avedemil is a company specialising in the sale of cheesemaking equipment and materials.

From 2005, the company began to expand internationally, starting in Algeria and the United States and then moving to geographically diverse markets (such as Brazil, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Algeria, Russia, Mali, Ireland, Great Britain, Australia, Spain, Italy etc...). Avedemil has currently worked in more than 40 countries.

In 2009, the company changed its APE code from a trading company to a manufacturer.

In 2016, a statutory amendment is made and the registered office was transferred to Ruffec at the current address.

Since 2018, the company has been establishing a real internationalisation and relooking strategy with for example the creation of a new logo, a new website and the translation of the website into several languages in order to meet the needs of our customers the best way we can.

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