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Dairy products consumption in France - Part 2
We have previously seen (here) which types of cheese French households prefer.In this second part,...
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Created in 2000 by Alain GIRARD, the company Avedemil is specialised in the manufacturing and selling of equipments and material for cheesemaking and dairy products. Avedemil brings together employees with extensive experience in milk processing, the use of cheese and dairy equipment and a thorough knowledge of this environment. Through the innovation of its equipment, the company seeks to improve...
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Dairy products consumption in France

In Europe, France is in second place, representing 19% of total European production. On the podium, Germany is in the lead and Italy in 3rd place. Ireland closes the gap...
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Gravity moulding video

Gravity moulding is an optimised, simple and economical solution. It saves you time, space and improves moulding consistency! What better way to understand how gravity moulding works? Watch these videos!...
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