Dairy products consumption in France - Part 2

We have previously seen (here) which types of cheese French households prefer.

In this second part, we focused on which types of dairy products are the most profitable.

Fun fact, according to, "France is the leading collector of goat's milk in Europe and the 4th largest collector of sheep's milk".

Structure of purchase values by dairy products:

First of all, how the different dairy products are distributed ?

Structures purchase value ultra fresh Structures purchase value solid fat Structures purchase value cheeses
source : AgriMER

Quantities purchased and values of dairy products in 2019

If we compare the quantity of the different types of dairy products purchased, ultra-fresh products are the most sold products, followed by yoghurts and cheeses.

quality bought
source : AgriMER

However when comparing by value, although the same products remain in the top 3, the order of the ranking differs

Cheese is the best-selling dairy product in 2019, followed by ultra-fresh products in 2nd place and yoghurts in 3rd place.

source : AgriMER

If we look at cheese sales in a little more detail, cheeses made from cow's milk dominate the ranking.

More than 700,000t of cow's milk cheeses were sold in 2019 for a total of 6,510,656 k€.

focus cheese

source : AgriMER

As a result, the average prices per product show that cheese, solid fats and dairy desserts are the most profitable dairy products to produce.

Average price
source : AgriMER
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