Cauldron : for the making of specific cheese.

This equipment facilitates the heating of the milk as well as the manufacture of certain cheeses that require a direct flame to heat the vessel.

We have three capacities of cauldron available:

  • 100L
  • 200L
  • 300L

Heating by direct flame causes precipitation of milk or whey proteins. This process is essential for the production of specific fresh cheeses such as Greuil, Brousse, Ricotta and Broccio.

Download the technical sheet
Technical sheet

These cauldrons are made entirely of stainless steel and are easily washable.

To cater for uneven ground the cauldrons are fitted with four adjustable feet. At its base, each cauldron has an SMS 38 pipe connection to facilitate the draining of the liquids.

In option, the cauldrons can be equipped with four castoring wheels and a side outlet with a butterfly valve.

To find out more about this equipment refer to the technical data sheet or contact us.

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