Gas-heated pasteurisation vat

Gas-heated pasteurisation vat

Pasteurise you milk - even in areas without electricity !

These vats are used in areas without electricity or in areas with an unreliable electricity network.

Each vat can be configured in two ways:

  • direct heating,
  • indirect heating.

They can be configured with equipment for pasteurising milk or making cheese such as pressed, soft or blue cheese. The vats are equipped with flame-failure safety controls. Accessories such as an agitator, three-arm planetary offset curd cutter or programmable controller are available but would require a 230V power supply.

Download the technical sheet
Technical sheet

These stainless-steel vats are available in two configurations:

  • direct heating (95°C max):

The flame heats the vat containing the milk directly. The bottom of the vat is rounded and reinforced.

This configuration requires proper agitation to avoid overheating the milk on the bottom. Cooling is achieved by means of a double wall in which water is circulated from the mains or storage. 

  • Indirect heating (100°C max):

In this configuration the flame heats the double wall, thus eliminating the risk of local overheating and facilitating a better heat distribution over the whole vat.

The cooling of these vats is done by mains water, stored in reserve or chilled. The indirect heating vat has a double bottom and shell allowing a better exchange for cooling.

To find out more please refer to the technical sheet or contact us

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