process produit laitier yaourt pasteurisation lait

Heating, Pasteurisation and Cooling of Milk

The name "yogurt" is a product obtained from the fermentation of milk only by the action of two bacteria: lactobacillus bulgaricus and streptococcus thermophilus.

Whole raw milk is placed in a pasteurisation vat. The temperature is raised to 90°C (95°C for goats' milk) and maintained for 10 minutes. That way, in addition to pasteurisation, the whey proteins will be further denatured and the final clot will be firmer. The milk must then be rapidly cooled to 43°C.

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cuve de pasteurisation a bain marie

Bain-marie pasteurisation vat

chaudron a fromage


ecremeuse avedemil

Cream separator

cuve chauffage electrique

Electrically-heated vat


Equipment for the preparation and dispensing of milk

Tank 3

Farm storage tank

cuve de pasteurisation chauffage gaz

Gas-heated pasteurisation vat

cuve chauffage electrique haute temperature

High temperature electric-heating vat

Bidon a lait

Milk churn

pasteurisateur par echange thermique

Pasteurisation by plate heat-exchanger


Self-priming pump

accessoire pour cuve pasteurisation

Vat accessories