Electrically-heated vat 55°C

Electrically-heated vat 55°C

Electrically-heated vat 55°C. Ideal for small production runs.

With a capacity from 50 to 650 litres, this vat is for heating milk to a maximum temperature of 55°C.

Easy to use this vat is suitable for small, manual production runs of cheese.

NB this vat is not suitable for pasteurisation.

In order to improve the working environment this vat can be fitted with a walkway making draining and working at height easier.

Download the technical sheet
Technical sheet

Made entirely of stainless steel and constructed with a double-walled shell, heating is by an electric immersion heater and natural thermal circulation in the double wall.

A thermometer indicates the temperature which is thermostatically controlled.

An electric agitator ensures uniform mixing. Curd cutting is carried out manually with a cutting harp. The lid is in two parts.

The vat is cooled by circulating cold water in the double wall. The cooling water exits by the outlet provided.

Interested? Please refer to the technical sheet for more information or contact us!

Vat 50L
Vat 200 LVat 300 LVat 650 L
Vat diameter (mm)ø 550ø 850ø 1000ø 1305
Vat height (mm)450600620775
Weight (kg)65135185305
Power (kW)4101215

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