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fiche fromage morbier


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Uncooked hard cheese
Jura, Doubs, Saône-et-Loire, Ain (France)

Cylindrical, the Morbier has a flat top and bottom and slightly convex sides.

With a diameter between 30 to 40 cm, it has a height of 8cm. Its weight is between 5 to 8 kg

It has a beige to orange rind, ivory to pale yellow body with some small scattered holes and the famous horizontal black stripe. Of soft texture, the Morbier has lactic flavours, caramel, vanilla and fruit. As it matures, it reveals roasted, spicy and distinctive flavours from the boards

Manufacturing process

This characteristic cheese, with a black line through the middle, was created by Frankish-Comtois farmers. When there was insufficient raw milk to make a large cheese the farmers covered the curd with a thin layer of ash protecting the curd whilst waiting for the next milk delivery. The second curd was superimposed on the first curd so the finished cheese has a black horizontal stripe in the middle.

Our advice

The ash must be applied manually. For evenness of distribution a wide brush can be used.

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