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Dairy products consumption in France - Part 2

We have previously seen (here) which types of cheese French households prefer. In this second part, we focused on which types of dairy products are the most profitable. Fun fact,...
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Dairy products consumption in France

In Europe, France is in second place, representing 19% of total European production. On the podium, Germany is in the lead and Italy in 3rd place. Ireland closes the gap...
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Gravity moulding video

Gravity moulding is an optimised, simple and economical solution. It saves you time, space and improves moulding consistency! What better way to understand how gravity moulding works? Watch these videos!...
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Avedemil is in English

Avedemil in English is finally here !  We've been working really hard on translating all our documents and website to facilitate our international clienteles' access to the equipment.  Some of...
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Avedemil gets a new look

A new website and a new logo for 2020 After a new logo marking the end of 2019, we present you a new website adapted to your needs. A big...
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